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Mini "Frida"


My mother makes beautiful original clay figures called "masa pan" so I decided she should make some little "Fridas" for Frida Kahlo fans like myself. I love these!!! They are super cute, thanks mom!

The Little Frida's clay figures are one of a kind. At 3" tall. She has different fashion styles. We just added the Mini Frida sugar skull to the line! It continues to grow each year and we are adding new friends liek her adorable mini cactus plants. More soon!

Please note they are sold as blind assortment. A surprise each time! unless you visit the #LadiesLoveProject event in person to pick out your favorite.

Handcrafted with love by Monika of @MonikasCreations who also has an Etsy Shop ---> MonikasCreation


  • Mini Frida - 100% in stock
  • Mini Frida Sugar Skull - 0% in stock
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