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Quartz Energy Necklace


Quartz stones are one of the most beautiful rocks on the planet. They are known to amplify energy. Used by light workers for healing and communication. It's a clear stone, like water, ice, and glass. These stones form naturally on our planet.

We decided to use neon threads to weave in the stones and an adjustable neck connection for short, or long wear. These colorful quartz necklaces are perfect for the summer fun!

Hot Pink
Neon Yellow - sold out
Grape Purple

*Quartz stones vary in size. All are handmade.

Turquoise Necklace comes with a lava stone! *limited

Eco Tip: This item can be re-used, re-built, or re-sold.

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  • Quartz Necklace - Hot Pink - 100% in stock
  • Quartz Necklace - Purple Grape - 100% in stock
  • Quartz Necklace - Turquoise - 33% in stock