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Macrame Jewelry


Macrame jewelry is handmade by my friend in Lima, Peru @ArtVidaCultura.

He is an amazing artisan who travels throughout South America selling his jewelry "parche" style. We met in 2003 when I visited Peru for a mural project. We now collaborate on original one-of-a-kind designs like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for the Toofly Shop.

1. Macrame Bracelet ( adjustable ) Stones are from Mexico.
2. Macrame Purple Necklace ( adjustable ) Chrysocolla Stone

Follow Alejandro on Instagram: @artevidacultura

Eco Tip: This item can be re-used, re-built, or re-sold.


  • Macrame Necklace ( purple ) - 100% in stock
  • Macrame Bracelet (square stone ) - 100% in stock