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3" Mini Canvas


Don't you just love small cute things? I do!

Start collecting art even if it's small. It makes a great gift, cute keepsake, or collectible. Words like "Love" and Dope" available in different colors while they last. A new batch is made each season.

Size 1: 2.5"inch X 3.5" - Sold Out
Size 2: 4" inch X 3.25" - 2021 Available

Hand painted with markers, and signed by artist. Wood easel included.

Eco Tip: This item can be up-cycled, re-used, re-built, or re-sold.


  • 3" Love Mini Canvas - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • 3" Dope Mini Canvas - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • 4" Love Mini Canvas - 33% in stock
  • 4" Dope Mini Canvas - 100% in stock