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Beaded Bracelets


As I travel throughout South America I come across beautiful jewelry.

I hand picked these multi beaded bracelets at my favorite street market in Otavalo, Ecuador. They feel and look really good when you tie on your wrist. Beautifully designed with native patterns and images. Made with rainbow colored glass beads. Each one is one of a kind.

Once they sell they're gone.

If you can't make it to South America you have a chance to get these "special finds" on my shop or at my next pop up shop.


  • Rainbow Warrior Blues 1" - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Rainbow Warrior Sun 1" - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Rainbow Warrior Blue .5" - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Tropical Bead Bracelet - 100% in stock