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#TooflyWallPrint Series ( 14" Wide X 11" High ) is made up of hi-res photographs I have taken of my favorite street walls since 1993.

Many of these walls no longer exist. More than likely the building itself is gone. If you have experienced it in person in it's true size, then this print is special to you.

Graffiti walls are part of street art history.

They last a few months, years, and if lucky a decade+. Impermanence gives way to archival photography, and prints to preserve the story story.

Each photo is carefully shot to capture the true color and environment around it. Only 10 prints are made of each photo. If you want to get it signed in person visit me at my exhibit, or pop-up!

Shipped flat.
Giclee print on archival paper.


  • 5 Pointz 2012 - 100% in stock
  • Rebirth 2010 - 100% in stock
  • Love Warrior 5 Pointz 2013 - 100% in stock