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Zipper Pouch Bags


"Native Soul" zipper pouch.

Soft with bright colors. The size of bag fits an ipad, markers, sketchbook, and much more during your travels. At 10" Wide X 8" H it's perfect fit for many things we need to carry around each day.

Zipper pouch has different color zipper and contrast stitching.

Handmade and printed in Ecuador.

Native Soul - Just a few left!
Free Spirit - SOLD OUT.
Freedom Dreamer -SOLD OUT.

Eco Tip: This item can be re-used, re-built, or re-sold.


  • Native Soul Zip Pouch - 100% in stock
  • Free Spirit Zip Pouch - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Freedom Dreamer Zip Pouch - 0% in stock
    Sold Out